Dan Jakes teaching Karate in Christchurch

Dan Jakes

Chief Instructor, Dan Jakes has been training in karate for thirty years, holds a fourth degree black belt and is a former New Zealand national champion and national team member.

Dan started training in 1985 in Bristol, England with both his parents as teachers. After grading to Shodan in 1991 with Sensei Enoeda of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) he came to New Zealand where he began training with Senseis Dieter Steinegg and Paul Wang.

Dan has over two decades of coaching experience and aside from karate, has trained in variety of other martial arts.

Shaun playing a balancing game :-)

Shaun Hardcastle

Shaun’s interest in the martial arts began twenty years ago while living and working in Hong Kong where he studied Tai Chi Chuan. Since then Shaun has delved into yoga and pilates and began learning karate four years ago.

Shaun is now a brown belt and enjoys teaching the beginners’ class at Port Hills Karate while he continues to practice himself.


Tyrone Paton

Tyrone teaches the kids’ class at Port Hills karate where his wife and two children also train. Tyrone has experienced various styles of karate over the last fifteen years and is a brown belt in Shotokan.