Welcome to Port Hills Karate Christchurch. We offer karate classes with qualified and experienced instructors in a safe and family-friendly dojo. Karate is a Japanese martial art based on striking, blocking and kicking and also includes some grappling and take-downs.

Training begins with basic technique instruction, which moves on to pre-arranged forms (kata) and sparring (kumite). Emphasis is placed on good technique, posture and biomechanics. At intermediate and advanced levels we practice both competition style karate and self-defence training. At Port Hills Karate we foster a friendly and respectful environment.

Classes run along side school terms and fees must be paid at the beginning of term. Parents can train for free in Kids classes. Family discounts are also available (contact us). If enrolling part-way through term, term fees will be charged on a pro rata basis.

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Christchurch JKA Karate Class